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For corporate legal departments, digitisation tools have proven to be far more than just a stopgap measure

07:00 02 December in DocFusion News, Document Automation

There is not a single industry or department that was left untouched by the sudden about-face COVID-19 forced upon the business world.

Suddenly, corporate legal departments had to continue to control ongoing internal processes, while juggling all the new COVID-19 policies and procedures, employee work-from-home strategies and policies and broader corporate emergency strategies that became necessary.

Already very admin-heavy, this weight saw many corporate legal departments struggling to tie it all together – a struggle quickly remedied by the impressive scope of digital tools at the business world’s disposal today.

A recent white paper by procurement research firm Beroe shows how, in a situation that seemed to be nothing short of hopeless, digitisation tools such as document automation came to the rescue, and have since proven to be indispensable far beyond the immediate emergency protocol.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing forth tectonic changes in the way the world functions, and its effects are expected to be long-lasting.”

DocFusion’s low-code enterprise cloud platform is helping transform legal departments in corporates across the world, request a demo to experience the wonder of automation first-hand.

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