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The Debt Review Function Globally has been neglected by the IT Industry with little focus on the creation of automated prepackaged process software. Debtpal was designed to create a fully automated low-code platform for the management of the Debt Review process.

Empowering Credit Providers with Streamlined Debt Review Management.

Our Debt Review Low Code platform offers:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Keep up with the regulations in your industry through a proactive process approach.
  • Process Automation: Implement automation to minimise user intervention and simplify routine tasks, thereby streamlining all processes.
  • Seamless Integration: Our platform integrates effortlessly with all other systems in your process.
  • Agility: Respond rapidly and efficiently to changing requirements.
  • Modern Technology: Stay ahead with state-of-the-art- art technology.
  • Speed of Implementation & Adaptability: Quickly implement changes and adapt to new conditions.
  • Easy Data Extraction: Integrate seamlessly with third-party analytics tools.
  • Document Generation: Generate and manage documents for both internal and external communication using DocFusion.
  • Template Standardisation: Create uniformity across all communication platforms.
  • No Code User Interface Design: Customise your user interface without the need for coding.
  • Real-Time Process Insights & Performance Metrics: Track and improve your processes based on reliable data.
  • Out-of-the-Box and Customisable Reporting Capability: Meet all your reporting needs with our adaptable reporting tools

Greater Revenue, Greater Stakeholder Satisfaction, Greater Professionalism,
Greater Accuracy, Enhanced Reputation

Lower Cost,
Less Errors,
Less Risk

Digital Orchestrators Low Code Platform

Business Process Management

Powerful and easy to use Workflow Automation software

Document Generation and Automation

Delivering Professional and Compliant Documents


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