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Doing business in the new normal – go green, or go broke

14:59 19 November in DocFusion News

As a business in today’s “new normal” world, if you aren’t showing your customers you care about the environment and the sustainability of Earth’s natural resources, you are in very real danger of losing them. You are also very likely to miss the mark when it comes to attracting new customers.

It’s been almost two years since COVID-19 upturned the world and by now it’s very evident that the global pandemic has resulted in radical changes in how people interact and, importantly, how they see themselves and the world at large.

Because consumers have changed their thinking so significantly, their purchasing criteria has followed suit. Environmental awareness has become a huge purchase deciding factor among the now earth-friendly consumer collective.

A global survey by IT consulting firm Accenture shows that, since the onset of COVID-19, consumers have “dramatically evolved” and “the change is lasting”.

According to the firm, 1 in 3 consumers now rank sustainability as one of their top three purchasing criteria.

Switching to digital processes and supporting a paperless business model confirms that you as a company are aware of the impact using paper has on the environment, and that you’re willing to employ solutions to minimise damage.

Pollution resulting from the paper manufacturing process seriously degrades the quality of the air, water and land around us. Not only is discarded paper a major component of landfill sites (which produce significant amounts of CO2 and methane), but paper recycling itself is a massive pollutant, due to all the sludge produced during de-inking.

DocFusion not only drives a company’s digital agenda but also makes it more environmentally friendly through the eradication of paper. Many forests can thank DocFusion for their continued existence.

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