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DocFusion Salesforce Connector

12:41 12 May in DocFusion News, Document Automation, Saleforce Connectors

DocFusion and Salesforce: Empowering Communications that Flow

Salesforce is a powerful CRM solution that enables enterprises to manage and improve their relationships with customers, prospects, and partners. The power of the cloud-based software is amplified by the integration of document generation and automation into its platform.

Integrated document automation for Salesforce is the process of incorporating the functions of document generation into the already existing workflow of the CRM. This process would be difficult if it involved programming the software, or as a standalone – but thanks to the seamless integration of DocFusion, the process is effortless.

DocFusion fills a niche that is not fully catered for by enterprise systems like Salesforce. This is the generation and automation of non-standard documents and processes using a low-code platform that can underpin Salesforce itself. In this way, Salesforce focuses on its core strengths and allows DocFusion to do the same.

Rather than build out reports in Salesforce using Apex, DocFusion has a connector to Salesforce that makes it the de facto document generation and automation engine. Unbeknown to the Salesforce user, all document generation and automation is done in DocFusion.

DocFusion’s document generation and automation capability provides a platform for the design, deployment and multi-channel delivery of documents and correspondence. Whether digital or conventional, in batch or interactive, DocFusion turns documents into dialogues. It enables business users to generate personalised and real-time changeable correspondence, while maintaining central control of branding and corporate identity, legal clauses and risk and compliance.

DocFusion maximises the effectiveness of Salesforce communications by providing a single, consistent look and feel across all delivery channels, and improves effectiveness of communications across the enterprise.

The DocFusion Salesforce Connector adds the following functionality to Salesforce:

  1. The automation and generation of non-standard documents within Salesforce.
  2. Templates that are designed in a familiar Word format, with no coding or developers required.
  3. Documents in a variety of output formats.
  4. Automation of Salesforce data with other line-of-business data from any other system to generate complex documents.
  5. Documents stay compliant with branding and legal requirements, and all corporate intellectual assets.

DocFusion Document Generation and Automation is an enterprise-grade solution that scales from individual correspondence and emails, to automated high-volume billing or shipping processes, and complex processes such as customer onboarding and customer communication management.

By employing DocFusion with Salesforce, your business will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better company reputation: The solution ensures all documents produced for internal or external consumption are stylish, accurate, and compliant.
  • Better customer experience: The solution generates hyper-personalised communications at scale across the full customer value chain.
  • Better efficiency: Organisations can work more efficiently if they do not have to worry about technology being too complicated for everyone to utilise. Additionally, the solution ensures that document templates are accessible and up to date.
  • Seamless integration: With integrated document automation for Salesforce, it is not noticeable that the organisation is depending on different tools and software to carry out document creation needs.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership: Consolidate and streamline output systems and processes throughout the company and eliminate dependence on numerous formatting and printing tools.
  • Business user control: Give business users full control of their content for better business value and reduced time to market. Generate personalised, editable system documents in real time, and distribute via any channel, directly from Salesforce.
  • Enhanced security: Implementing security for independent software and applications is a challenge. With the DocFusion Salesforce integration, there is a single environment that has to be secured, making it much easier to keep track of. Documents and data can be safeguarded using secure protocols.

From a technical perspective, the Salesforce connector works as follows

  • A document template in Word format is the starting point. The user will use the DocFusion Word plugin to make a secure connection to the Salesforce instance in question and will make available all the Salesforce objects, including custom objects.
  • The user will select the necessary objects and fields, including any related objects as required.
  • The user can then drag and drop fields from the various objects and populate the template. The Salesforce fields can be used to display optional content, perform calculations, or generate repeating sections.
  • From within the document, scenarios can be set up to test the generation of the document with real Salesforce data.
  • Once the document is ready, the template will be saved and checked into a central template repository.
  • In Salesforce, a button will be used to trigger the document generation from your main Salesforce object screen. The generated document can then follow a variety of processes, and either be sent out directly to the customer, be electronically signed and be saved to your document management system of choice, or even saved back to Salesforce.

In summary: DocFusion complements Salesforce, with the competencies of both systems fully utilised thanks to the integration. The connector is designed to make implementation a seamless process.

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