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A winning formula for Sales Departments: Bin the paperwork and close MORE deals in LESS time!

07:00 16 December in DocFusion News

Your salespeople are the customer-facing end of your organisation, so if anyone needs to be calm, collected and organised – it’s them.

And yet, many businesses that expect their sales team to be turbo-charged when it comes to closing sales (rightfully so), do not give them sufficient tools to do so (far from rightful).

By nature, salespeople are go-getting bundles of energy, but without the right automation and productivity software and mobile tools, they cannot reach their quotas – or their true potential.

So if you’re not going to do away with the paperwork and admin (both swearwords among salespeople) for your sales department, it is not going to realise the commissions – and your business is not going to realise the profits – that would otherwise be very achievable.

Quite simply, having more time to spend with customers increases sales, while time spent on admin tasks just slows a salesperson down.

DocFusion’s low-code enterprise cloud platform – comprising document generation & automation, digital signatures and customer communication management software – allows you to simplify and significantly speed up sales processes.

In fact, the use of digital signatures alone can reduce turnaround time by up to 80% (with turnaround time on a signed document being a whopping 25x faster).

Get in touch today & empower your sales team to be the best it can be – without any paperwork, admin or clutter dragging it down.

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